International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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International Year of Chemistry 2011

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Denmark 18 Contacts
Prof. Mikael Bols
Det Danske Nationalkomite for Kemi

+45 3532 0160

  • Mrs Anne-Emmanuelle Bertelsen
    Business Analyst, Andritz A/S
    Vejen, Denmark


  • Prof. Mikael Bols
    Det Danske Nationalkomite for Kemi
    2100, Denmark

    +45 3532 0160

  • Dr Michael Brorson
    The Danish National Committee for Chemistry
    Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Assistant Professor Jaime Castillo-león
    PhD, Technical University of Denmark
    2800, Denmark
    Research Laboratories

  • Mrs Tatiana Bülow Christiansen
    Secondary School teacher, EUC VEST Esbjerg
    Brørup, Denmark
    Primary or Secondary Education


  • Dr. Ture Damhus
    Principal Scientist, Novozymes
    Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Prof. Rasmus Fehrmann
    Technical University of Denmark
    Kongens Lyngby, Denmark
    Tertiary Education

    +45 45252389

  • Mr Kim Haagensen
    Chiefconsultant, Ramboll DK
    Copenhagen, Denmark

    +45 5161 8589

  • DR Harishchandra Sambhaji JADHAV
    Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Mads Christian Larsen

    Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Tommy byskov Lund

    8850 Bjerringbro Municipality, Denmark

  • Mr Linus Malmquist
    PhD student, ENSPAC, Roskilde University
    4000 Roskilde, Denmark
    Primary or Secondary Education


  • Kia Mygind
    Projekt koordinator, Danish Technical University
    2800 Kongens Lyngby, Denmark

  • Asbjorn Petersen
    Lektor, The Danish Chemical Society
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Primary or Secondary Education

    +45 3029 1829

  • Alicia Roman
    PhD Student in Biotechnology & Chemical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Tertiary Education


  • Mrs. Ulla Hansen Telcs
    Senior Adviser, Environment (MSc. Chemistry). , Association of Danish Process Industries
    Copenhagen, Denmark


  • mr Jakob Zeuthen
    environmental manager, danish chamber of commerce
    Copenhagen, Denmark

    +45 20830412

  • Mr Kaare Øster
    Coondinator, Teachers Training and Ressource Science Centre
    8660 Skanderborg, Denmark
    Primary or Secondary Education

    +45 8755 2828