International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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Algeria 25 Contacts
Interested in representing this country? Contact IYC at:
  • Hanane Allaoua

    Tebessa, Algeria
    Research Laboratories

  • Dr Khaldoun Bachari
    Dr, CRAPC
    Algiers, Algeria


  • Kamel Belhamel
    Dr., Faculty of Technology, University of Bejaia
    Béjaïa, Algeria
    Research Laboratories

    +213 34215105

  • Omar Ben mya
    professor in the algerian univercity, Univercity center of ElOued
    Tindla -ElOued
    Research Laboratories


  • mrs Nadia Boussatha

    Guelma, Algeria
    Tertiary Education

  • Dr Amel Bouzabata
    Faculté de Médecine, Rue Zaafrania BP 205, Annaba 23000;
    Annaba, Algeria
    Research Laboratories


  • Abdelkrim Cheriti
    PhD, LPSO, Unibversity of Bechar
    Béchar, Algeria
    Research Laboratories


  • Nadjib Drouiche
    Dr, Silicon Technology Development Unit
    Alger, Algeria
    Research Laboratories


  • Saddika Ferhi
    student, chemistry department at the University of TEBESSA
    Tebessa, Algeria

  • Mr Salih HACINI
    Prof., University of Oran-Sénia
    Ouahran, Algeria
    Tertiary Education


  • Ms Safa Hafiane
    Algiers, Algeria

    00550 674 437

  • Joseph Kajima mulengi
    Professor, University of Tlemcen. Faculty of Sciences. Laboratory of Organic Chemistry, Natural Products and Analyses.
    Tlemcen, Algeria

    00 213 43 21 58 86

  • Zine Kechrid
    Annaba, Algeria

    00213 773345102

  • Mourad Korichi
    Lecturer, Kasdi Merbah University - Ouargla
    Ouargla, Algeria
    Tertiary Education


  • Abdelaziz Koulla
    moufdi zakaria high school
    Ghardaia, Algeria
    Primary or Secondary Education


  • Bonjour Youcef Laib
    Ouahran, Algeria
    Primary or Secondary Education

  • Dr Ali Larkem
    Dr, chemistry department/ university of Annaba -Algeria
    Annaba, Algeria
    Research Laboratories


  • Mourad Mesmoudi
    Tlemcen 13000, Algeria
    Research Laboratories


  • Hanane Messiad
    Doctorante, universty of guelma
    Guelma, Algeria
    Research Laboratories

  • Latifa Negadi
    Professor, University Abou Bekr Belkaid of Tlemcen
    Tlemcen, 13000, Algeria

    (213) 666 756 664

  • Abdelkrim Rahal

    El Oued, Algeria


  • Yakout Somer
    professor, Université
    Alger, Algeria

  • Charef Tabti
    Mostaghanem, Algeria


  • soufianeaa Soufiane Zaitout
    ingerneering , my chemistry
    Biskra, Algeria


  • miss ratiba adam
    Constantine, Algeria
    Primary or Secondary Education