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Let's Dance ... in Anaheim

Over 200 chemists expected for mass line dance celebrating IYC, March 28, in Anaheim

Mar 23, 2011

In business suits, lab coats and possibly dressed as everything from magnesium to Marie Curie, more than 200 chemists will kick up their heels for IYC2011 with a mass line dance and original rap at the Anaheim Convention Center on March 28.

For a sneak preview, full music and lyrics, visit:
Final YouTube footage of Chemists Can DANCE! will be posted by March 29 (check here)

Here’s an excerpt from the rap lyrics:

“Chemistry – the central science, building blocks of life
Engineering new solutions, rid the world of its strife
We’re part of the solution, we ain’t no precipitate,
This is the chemistry dance, now get up and participate.”

© 2011 by the American Chemical Society. All rights reserved.

Dance2 The dancers are members of the world’s largest scientific society, the American Chemical Society (ACS), and are in Anaheim for the Society’s 241st national meeting and exposition, where they will report on latest research in medicine, energy, materials, and the environment.

The music and dance are the original creation of 2010 International Chemistry Olympians Richard Li and Utsarga Sikder. Li, originally of Clarksville, Md., currently attends Stanford University; Sikder, a high-school senior from Monmouth Junction, N.J., has also been accepted to Stanford University.

“The dance is a fun way to make an important point: chemistry plays a central role in improving the daily life of humankind,” ACS President Nancy B. Jackson, Ph.D., said. “Whether you’re talking about investigating treatments for autism, understanding global warming, creating films to improve solar cell efficiency, or developing organic semiconductors to create flexible electronics, chemistry is at the heart of daily life for all of us. In 2011, the International Year of Chemistry, it’s really up to us to remind the world of the importance – and the wonder – of chemistry. It is, truly, the central science.”

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More ACS Spring Meeting

ACS will focus its IYC activities along four thematic areas including energy, environment, materials, and health, and these themes will form the backbone for an online resource: 365: Chemistry for Life! The website will cover important elements, compounds, discoveries, processes, noteworthy chemists, and chemistry innovations that reveal just how important chemistry is to daily life.
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