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Website Enhancements

Share, discuss, and plan ideas and activities for IYC 2011

Feb 1, 2010

IUPAC announces exciting enhancements to the website that enable a whole new level of communication and interactivity.

New features include the ability to submit ideas and activities (including events), as well as integration with social media websites. Registered users of the site can comment on ideas submitted by other users, and review comments that have been submitted about their own ideas. Users can also follow discussions about their favorite ideas and activities from their profile page. These enhancements will better enable chemists across the globe to connect with one another and share ideas, activities, and events related to the international year of chemistry.

Now is a great time to join the online community and share, discuss, and plan ideas and activities for IYC2011. And remember, the clock is ticking: there are now only 11 months left before the International Year of Chemistry. It’s not too soon to get started.

Happy planning!

~ The IYC Team